This is so creative, so energized, so timely. Come be part of it!(click here for more)

-Jeff Golden, Ashland Oregon

Farm to Fork’s inaugural dinner season has ended. Saturday’s feast at Melanie and Chris Jagger’s Blue Fox Farm in Williams had the same feel-good tone as the first dinner six months ago. Chris Jagger held his young son in his arms and spoke about community; how one was created when he, a grower, linked up with a seed seller. Building a community. It can be that simple. This Farm to Fork dinner had its largest attendance: 128 people. Many of the contributing farmers were invited guests. Most of the other diners tried to attend previous dinners, but the limited tickets sold too quickly. From the beginning, organizers decided to keep these affairs intimate and in line with the mission to support small food producers. (click here for more)

-Janet Eastman, Medford Wine Examiner

I want to tell you all how so very impressed I was with everything last night.  Every detail should be complimented.  Super smooth, totally fabulous and beautiful.  You all really shined – the food and the atmosphere were flawless!   Everything was just right – the multi-tiered welcome, the reception table, the mingle time, the farm tour, the spacing of the courses, the portions, the table-setting, the brief words from y’all & others, the gratitude, the parting gifts – everything.  Everyone you rolled in shined too  – the musicians, the Salants, the farms, the winemaker, the volunteer waitstaff, the bakers, the coffee roaster, the nonprofits, the politician, and the guests.  I can’t image that anyone who attended was not as impressed as I was.  Congratulations.

-Tracy, Ashland Oregon

Everyone at the Ralph Lauren-ish “barn” dinner organized by FARM to FORK founders last night in Jacksonville left the event with the same thought: Get tickets to the six other dinners before they sell out!(click here for more)

-Janet Eastman, Medford Wine Examiner

Last night’s event and dinner were very impressive. Chad and I would like to express our gratitude; we really enjoyed it. The food was fantastic, the service was great and everyone involved did a commendable job. And how cool was Peter’s barn!

-Rachel, Ashland Oregon

Thank you soooooo much for such a beautiful, fun, delicious evening. Ben, Clarity and I had a fantastic time, and it sure seemed like everyone else did as well. How could they not? Fantastic job, all of you. I know how much work goes in to such events, and you all pulled it off with grace, good humor, and excellent food. Thank you so much for including us. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of such a great community and we are proud to support what you are working so hard to do — educating the public on the importance of local, healthy food grown and produced in a way that cares for the planet, people, communities and our fellow creatures.

-Sheila, Ashland Oregon

A wonderful ‘MEMORABLE AND DELICIOUS’ experience utilizing all we have to offer here in beautiful Southern Oregon.

-Gigi, Jacksonville Oregon

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